Sunday, October 24, 2004

Enterprise Strategy and (Enterprise) PM

Incremental changes or rather transformation are the seed for the Incremental programme management. But managing such transformation to cover the entire organisation requires apporach of IT portfolio management and spanning the process across the organisation.
Thus, managing IT resource in changing business scenario comes under top priority list for most of the CIOs in bigger enterprise especially when few of the industries are undergoing
consolidation phase.

CEOs and CIOs are driving to outsourcing to create share holder value. They have thrown more terms like Real Time Enterprise, BPM etc. Causing more changes and trasnformation in the way business and IT is to be managed.

Thus, Change is becoming constant (Reminds me of strip on CNBC) and few are missing the bus. CIO are asked to manage risk, values, Investment and create assets all at one time. Winners are looking at bigger picture of managing IT portfolio with perception as below..

Successful CIO (CEO also) need to weave the business changes in their business / IT process in such a way that, change management will be effective in creating it's value for the enterprise.

If business Planning and strategy determines the changes required in organisation then effective PM can deliver the same with the effective use of Pepole, Process and Tools or better way to call it the full process as "Catalyst for Implementing such Transformation" .

I feel CIO's can bring proces discipline in their IT management by using Program Management process that can bring successful changes in organisation. I hope above would have provided some insight into use of Program Management in Organisation Change.

I would like emphasize growing significance of Enterprise Architecture which captures and offers common set of knowledge base across the organisation to specifie road map and changes at each level.