Thursday, October 28, 2004

Certification for Program Managers

Hi, is anybody aware of certification programs for Program Managers? I know PMI does it for project managers but am not sure whether there is a similar thing for Program Managers.
Are there any standard frameworks/methodology for Program Management?
We are a large IT service organization and want our project managers to move to the next skill level that would enable them to manage large Programs including business, IT and other stakeholders at client site. Any information that can help in this direction will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Blogger we_d_living said...

I am glad that, few of the IT organisations are going up in value chain to Program Management. First takers will need to seeded in organisation with wide top level acceptance for it's benefits.

I have been tracking few organisations such as PRogram Management Group PLC. in UK. It has product that helps organisations to evolve and seed program management procesess using their tools called as HYDRA.They have quite good partners in Europe with diverse industry.

PMI has initiated charter in 2003 called as
"PMI PM Standards Program - Program/Portfolio Management Standard" David Ross is the project manager.

PMI has SIG with seperate website -

Locally in India, leading IT organisation WIPRO has special support for developing skills of their Project Manager to upgrade to PRogram Managers. Lot of participations by this organisation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The British Office of Government Commerce offers a certification in program management, aligned to Prince 2, and Managing Successful Programmes.

You may also find some interesting information at

Hope this helps

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am currently performing the role of a program manager for a large IT services company. Does PMI plan to offer Program Management certifications

I know that Stanford University offers a course called as SAPM. ( Standford Certified Advanced Project Management).

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