Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Incremental and Relational PM

PM provides a means to bridge the gap between project delivery and organizational strategy. In an interesting paper in the International Journal of Project Management, Mark Lycett, Andreas Rassau and John Danson state that standard PM approaches often suffer from:
- an excessive control (bureaucratic) focus,
- insufficient flexibility in the context of aligning to an evolving business strategy, and
- ineffective co-operation between projects within the programme.
They trace these 3 things back to two flawed assumptions underlying standard PM approaches:
1. PM is in effect a scaled-up version of project m. and
2. the belief that a one size fits all approach to PM is appropriate.
Lycett e.a. suggest to supplement the traditional rational basis of PM with competences related to incremental development of programmes over time and understanding and managing relationships:
a. between the PM and project m.
b. between the project managers
c. between projects and the goals and drivers of the wider business.
I think Lycett e.a. certainly have a point here, but who has a diagram of how such a Programme Organization might look like?